Carolyn Waddell, MDiv 
Registered Psychotherapist

Individual, Couple, Family Counselling


Personal Help Group

The "Personal Help Forum and Chatroom" was a place in which people could receive help and support, free of charge, as members supported each other.  It ran until 2016 and was moderated by two professional counsellors, Carolyn (foundone) and John (barneybus), along with other administrators.  Life is full of change, so due to changes in our personal and professional lives, the chatroom and forum were closed.  

After John passed away at the end of 2017, a number of us who used to meet in the chatroom got together again to commemorate his life.  Most of us decided we wanted to keep some connection with one another, to encourage each other and to pass on that encouragement to others as well, beyond just the original group of chatters.  Therefore, a facebook group was started named "Personal Help and Encouragement Fellowship".  This is NOT a counselling support group, but rather a group where people can connect and share encouragement with each other as we walk through life.  You may check us out and request to join at

Developments for online help and support are moving towards general chat and educational programs and webinars.  Stay tuned for information.  If you need to chat with a counsellor personally, or if you used to come to the chatroom and forum before and would like to reconnect, please contact Carolyn via email, on her facebook page or via Skype.  For conversations of a more private and confidential nature, we can arrange to chat on Skype.

For more information, please contact me.

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