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Online Counselling

Online counselling is carried out through electronic communication, via text chat, voice/video chat, email, and forms systems online.  In these days, this method is one of the most convenient ways of accessing counselling, as you do not need to leave home to do it.  With the ever-increasing development of technology in our world, online counselling is growing in popularity and is becoming the preference of some.

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The Process of Online Counselling:

Download and fill out the "Registration for Counselling" and "Confidentiality" forms, then email these to me at  Make sure you enter legitimate contact information on your registration.

Receive the Counsellor's Reply
I will reply to you via email, to confirm your acceptance as a client, with information and instruction on how to proceed with the counselling available for you.  (If for some reason you do NOT get a reply within 72 hours, please contact me to let me know.)  If for some reason online counselling is not appropriate for you in your situation, I will inform you of this in my reply, and inform you of other options that may be helpful for you.

Access Counselling
After you have received the counsellor's reply confirming you as a registered client, you are free to access the online counselling options of your choosing, whether in “real time” through chat, or on your own time, through email, online journals and forms.  You may email me at to request and arrange for services, even before paying.

Counselling is done in two basic ways online:

  • Through Chat and/or Chat plus Voice:  An appointment time is arranged with the counsellor, just like in a face to face session, but instead of meeting in a physical office, counsellor and client meet online, usually on skype.  You will need to provide the counsellor with your skype name, so that you can connect.  Counselling is carried out via text chat, voice/video chat, or a combination of both text and voice/video.
  • Through Journals, Online Forms and/or email:  You write to the counsellor on your own time, through email or the use of online forms to which the counsellor gives you access, to discuss the details of your situation and issues.  Once your payment for a Journal Consultation has been received, the counsellor will send one detailed email reply with insights and counsel to help you towards resolving your difficulties.  As part of this reply, the counsellor may also sometimes send you other helpful exercises and information, or set them up as forms for you to work through, in the process of counselling.  You may send as much information through to the counsellor as you want via these methods, and when you want another detailed reply, simply pay for another Journal Consultation, and the counsellor will send you another detailed reply (usually within 72 hours).

Often online counselling involves a combination of these methods, over a period of time.  Some people also find it helpful to combine online counselling with face to face (“in person”) work.  This method gives much versatility and variety, as you can work at your own pace, while accessing the services you need, for any stage in your recovery or counselling process.

Pay for Counselling
Generally payments for online counselling are made BEFORE the services are delivered, unless otherwise arranged with the counsellor. 
**When you have requested a Chat or Telephone session, sent through a "Journal Consultation", or signed up for a Course, make sure you remember to pay, so that you can receive service you have requested from the counsellor.** 


Chat Conference:  $60 CAD or USD per hour.
Journal Consultation:  $50 CAD or USD each
Self-Help Journal:  $35 CAD or USD
(When you choose this option, the counsellor will provide you with a format for doing two weeks of daily journalling, to help you in sorting through your issues.  When you send these daily journals to the counsellor for feedback, the counsellor will send one email in reply to you at the end of the two weeks, with feedback on identified patterns and possible solutions.  The cost is less for this as YOU are doing most of the work.)

To order and pay for chat sessions or online journal counselling options, click here.

Security Note:

While I aim to keep communication secure on my end of things, please note that you are responsible for the security of your own computer, email, online communications and information.  Please be diligent to take appropriate care of your own privacy, safety, and security when communicating online.

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