Carolyn Waddell, MDiv 
Registered Psychotherapist

Individual, Couple, Family Counselling


Telephone Counselling

This counselling option provides for a one or two hour counselling session via telephone, in real time with the counsellor.  Availability may be limited, depending on  your geographical location and access to a telephone.  Please contact me for information if you have any questions.

To request a telephone session:

  • Register (if you have not already done so).  Download the "Registration for Counselling" and "Confidentiality" forms, fill them out, then email the completed form to me. 
  • Email me at with the following information:
    • Your request for a one or two hour telephone session.
    • An active telephone number for the counsellor to reach you at.
    • Dates and times you are available (include your time zone).
  • The counsellor will respond via email or telephone to arrange a time to talk with you.


The cost for Telephone Counselling is $70 CAD or USD per hour.  Click here to pay for a Telephone Counselling Session.

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