Carolyn Waddell, MDiv 
Registered Psychotherapist

Individual, Couple, Family Counselling



There is hope.

We all face difficulties in life from time to time.  Sometimes, we find the strength to cope and to resolve things on our own.  Other times, we need someone else to come alongside us, to walk with us as we face the challenges of life, to help us build our strength and resources to more effectively move forwards towards finding the solutions we seek.  Counselling can help in this process.  I encourage you to explore this website, to find out what help and support you can receive here.  Click on the links below to find out more information on services offered.

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Steps to Connect with Counselling

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Register - Set appointment

Step 2

Make Payment

Step 3

Connect with Counsellor

- Email or phone counsellor
to request appointment.

- Complete required
Registration & Confidentiality forms.

- Receive appointment details.





- Send e-transfer (Canada only) to

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- Pay via PayPal

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As arranged with counsellor.
(Cash, Cheque, Stripe also accepted.)

$125 per hour
(includes HST where applicable)



- At the time of your appointment,
click on the link below,
for an online session.

Start a counselling call with
Carolyn Waddell

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Counsellor will call you,
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Meet the counsellor in her office,
for an in person session

Online Counselling available by Audio/Video Conference, Chat or Journal Consultation.  Telephone Counselling  also available.

In person appointments in Municipality of Kincardine, Ontario, Canada and Intensive Counselling Retreats available.

Courses available (click on link for list of available online self-help courses).

Click here for a more details on services offered, fees and payment information.

 Groups and Workshops

  • Seminars - Workshops and training events in various locations.

  • Webinars - Workshops, information and training events online.

  • Groups - Support groups.

Click here for information on available events, groups, or seminars.

Carolyn is also available to give presentations to churches and community groups. 
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"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
(John 8:32)


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