Carolyn Waddell, MDiv 
Registered Psychotherapist

Individual, Couple, Family Counselling


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I am aware that self help courses may involve me sharing some personal information with the counsellor as I complete the course exercises.
I am aware that Carolyn Waddell is a counsellor, and that all personal information I share with her in the process of working on my self help course is confidential. I am aware that this confidentiality extends to all issues except those which Carolyn Waddell is required by law to report.
I am aware that Carolyn Waddell works with a team, for my benefit and her own support and accountability. I am also aware that the limited information shared with team members is completely confidential between the people involved.
I am also aware that all matters of confidentiality and professional ethics will be respected in these consultations and supervisory process.
Therefore, I give my permission to Carolyn Waddell to discuss my information in confidence with her supervisor and the professional team.

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