Carolyn Waddell, MDiv 
Registered Psychotherapist

Individual, Couple, Family Counselling


Self Help Courses

Courses are available in a self-help study format, through a downloadable workbook, along with interactive lessons and assignments presented online.  To sign up for a course, please email to request the course you want. The counsellor will send you information and registration forms for your course.  When you have registered and paid for the course that you wish to take from the counsellor (either through Paypal or as arranged otherwise), you will receive an email with information and instructions on how to proceed with your course.  Please note that you will have access to course materials only after payment has been received.

Some courses are also available as seminars.  To book Carolyn to come to your location to present a seminar, please email me.

Courses currently available online include:
-----Relationship Reframe (Learning general relationship skills) = $80.00
-----Marriage Relationship Reframe (Marriage enrichment and conflict resolution) = $80.00
-----Family Relationship Reframe (Parent, child, family focus) = $80.00
-----Reframing Your Family Tree (Addressing generational and extended family issues) = $80.00
-----Gentle Care Bible Basics (Learning how to apply Biblical principles to living life) = $80.00

***Please note that these courses are self-help courses, aimed at helping people learn some tools to work out their own personal and relational issues.  They are NOT courses towards a counselling degree.***

To pay for courses, click here.

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