Carolyn Waddell, MDiv 
Registered Psychotherapist

Individual, Couple, Family Counselling


Products and Services

Counselling appointments are available online only at the present time.  There are also various products and services available online that do not require meeting with the counsellor in real time.  In person counselling will resume when pandemic related restrictions are lifted.

<--------------Descriptions of these services are provided through the links in the left menu.

The rate for counselling services is $125 per hour (HST included where applicable), or as otherwise arranged with the counsellor.  Other products and services have various rates.  Instructions and links for payment are below. 

(Click here for a rates list in pdf format.)

*** Before you can access online or telephone counselling services you MUST REGISTER. 
click here to register, if you have not yet done so.***

**Please note** You may send journals or request sessions or courses without payment being made.  When payment has been received, the services from the counsellor that you have requested can be provided.

Ways to Pay

  • Pay by PayPal.  (Send payment from your PayPal account to or use links below.)
  • Pay via e-transfer (Canadian funds only).  (Send notification of payment sent via email to Send password in a separate email.)
  • Pay by certified cheque or money order sent via snail mail.  (Contact me to make arrangements for this if needed.)
  • Pay in cash (in person only).  (Personal cheques also accepted in person, unless the customer makes a habit of giving NSF cheques.  Then cheques will no longer be accepted and the customer will be billed for the NSF fee.)
  • Pay via Stripe (in platform).

Paypal Payments





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Journal Consultation and Reply
One Journal Consultation form or email sent from you detailing your issues, and one detailed email reply from the counsellor.
ID: C111
Price: 62.50
Self-Help Journal
The counsellor will provide you with a format for doing two weeks of daily journalling through your account on the website, to help you in sorting through your issues. Send these daily journals to the counsellor for feedback, and the counsellor will send one email in reply to you at the end of the two weeks.
ID: C112
Price: 50.00
In Person Counselling
This is where those who see the counsellor in person can make payments online for their sessions.
ID: C31
Price: 125.00
Intensive Retreats
This is where those who have arranged to come for an intensive retreat can pay online. Please pay for the number of hours agreed upon with the counsellor.
ID: C32
Price: 100.00

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